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The Year in Preview

Hello there! I know, it's been weeks and weeks since I posted last. I apologize. I have a blog in the works about Bill 40 and changing transportation laws. I will be posting it in the next week or so.

Right now, I'd like to talk about what's coming up this year personally, semi-personally, and professionally.

First, personal. My hip is working out well and we will be doing the MS Ride again this July. Last year, we did not raise as much as I hoped we would so we will be doing a few things to help with that.

One, there will be a donation jar on the desk. Feel free to throw in any random loonies or that $20 you found when you put your winter coat on. ;)

Two, we will be doing a BBQ, at least one. Burgers, sausages, pop, chips, probably homemade cookies or something.

Three, potentially, we will be doing a bake sale (And if anyone wants to donate baked goods, let me know). Cookies, cupcakes, cakes -- or maybe auction off a custom cake either made by me or a local bakery. I make fantastic tasting cakes and I'm getting better with the decorating lol.

Maybe we'll do a raffle or something, give away parts or services. Maybe a t-shirt or something.

This year, we aim to do three things with our semi-personal life.

  1. We will be organizing group rides to other places like the GORBA trails at Guelph Lake, the Pines, Wildwood, Christie Lake, etc. We figure that if we organize a group ride of friends, we can all have a lot more fun on these trails and there be both trails and riders of different levels. Plus, there'll be carpooling, which means shared gas costs. We think that if we build a group like this, then people with less confidence will have more opportunities to explore and learn.

  2. I would like to build a cycling club for people like me - physically broken, socially anxious, and with PTSD. That doesn't mean you have to be one of those things. Perhaps you know someone who wants to rehab after an injury or surgery. Or someone who loves to ride but can't find a club or a group because they're socially anxious, or they don't think their skills are good enough. The aim for this group is to allow people to graduate out of it, either because their skills or their anxiety (or both) have improved and they are ready to go with bigger or faster groups. To that end, the groups will be small to start, a dozen people at most. There will be a wait list, if it becomes necessary and as people graduate out, others can come in. This all depends on the interest, of course. I will write more about it soon.

  3. We are doing the MS Ride. So far, this years team is me, Mike and Paul. If you'd like to join, our team page is here: It is $55 to join and get a spot in the dorms until the end of the month. After that, it's $65. The fundraising minimum is $500, each. Our team goal is currently $3000. If you'd love to join but can't, you can donate to the team at that link as well.

Professionally, I am afraid that some of our prices will have to go up. It's the costs of living and shipping. We will continue to give you the best service for the price and continue to be competitive, of course. It's likely tune-up costs will go up about ten bucks, (which we hate to do. It's unfortunate that we have to pass on the higher costs we have to pay); the minimum shop charge will be a firm $15. (Mike likes to say less, but it's $15. lol) There will be a new cost for assembling adult trikes, bikes and e-bikes. When we have them hammered out, we will let you know.

We will also be jumping on the shop swag bandwagon and creating either t-shirts or baseball caps. If there's enough interest, maybe both.

We will probably be starting intake sooner rather than later. It's currently scheduled for March 2nd but it looks like we may need to do it sooner so we don't get overwhelmed (again. We do learn from our mistakes....Eventually. ;) We currently have several bikes in the shop and one mechanic (Mike). He is working hard.

That's it for now! Any questions? Feel free to reply to the email, straight up emailing at or texting us at 519-694-7300.

“If you do something right the first time, then it’s not hard enough.” — Danny MacAskill, Scottish trials legend

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Feb 10

That all sounds good to me and yeah, prices for your parts and supplies aren't getting any cheaper. Years in the motorcycle industry proved all that to me.

Y'all do quality work.

Thanks for your help.

Replying to

Thank you very much! Prices aren't getting any better and neither are shipping costs. I ordered a $7 part for someone and he had to pay $35 in shipping! Thank you for the nice things you said.

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