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A Bike Show!

bike show flyer
London's first bike show!

Lookie here! We (London, not us personally) are having our very first, hopefully annual, bike show.

It is at the Velodrome, where the Knights used to play at Wellington and the 401.

We are going to be there. We're planning on bringing the tandem we (*cough* Mike) just got all revamped, as well as my darn-near-one-of-a-kind mountain bike and Mike's polo bike.

I am considering doing a talk - if such a thing is doable - but I can't settle on a topic.

The one I really want to do - concussion prevention - is one Mike doesn't think people coming to a bike show will want to hear.

There's also theft prevention, maybe demo/drills for changing a tube.

Mike wants me to talk about the group ride I want to start, (fully insured), but I'm hesitant because when you have a really good idea, spreading it around before you have the details totally hammered out (or even mostly) isn't a good idea if you want to keep your idea yours.

The group is a big thing, if you really look at it, and I'm not sure anyone else will want to take it on but, still... It's hard to talk about before I get it going. There are a number of pieces that have to fall into place or be fit into place.

There are all sorts of things we can do.

We'll have our MS Bike fundraising jar there, along with tax form for those who wish for a tax receipt.

Of course, we'll be talking about the tandem and the other bikes.

We will not have much for sale. Lights and/or helmets most likely.

What would you all like to see?

I am also currently researching a blog about what to do after a crash and how to get back into riding. That will be out next month.

Let me know what you'd like to see at the show. A brief recap (because I ramble):

  • concussion prevention

  • theft prevention

  • demo/drills for side-of-the-path tube changes

  • the group

  • suggestions?

Have a wonderful day!

"98% of the bikes I buy are projects" - unknown

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