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  • Full Tune-Up

    A tune-up is a full, end-to-end exam and repair of your bike. During the session, we will look at all your bearings, brakes, gears, cables, bottom brackets, and cranks - essentially everything that makes your bike function - and return it to peak operating condition.

  • Tire and Tube Changes

    Having trouble with a flat? Bring in the wheel - just the wheel, not the whole bike, please - and we will find the cause as we change the tube. If your tires need changing, we have lots of options depending on your need. We have changed tubes and tires on strollers, wheelchairs, trikes, and all sizes of bicycles.

  • Wheel Repair & Spoke Replacement

    One of the best wheel repairmen in the city, Mike can fix almost any wheel that does not have a structural defect (such as a crack or break in the rim). Pringle it? Mike can fix it. Broken spokes? Mike will replace them and realign your wheel. Need a new hub? We can do that, too. Forty-eight-hour service in most cases. If it cannot be repaired, we have a selection of new and used rims and wheels available. We can (typically) order what we don't have. An appointment is required for drop-off.

  • Minor Repairs

    Do you have a repair or adjustment that doesn't fit in the other categories? This is the spot for you. Fill out the form, choose a time, and we will help you upon arrival.

  • Restoration

    We do full-scale restorations in the off-season. A restoration requires removing all the parts to thoroughly clean the bike (rust and spiderweb removal, for instance), reconditioning as many parts as possible, etc. We start at a base price of $100, then we have to add parts, if any, on top of that. The $100 includes stripping the bike, thoroughly cleaning it, removing any rust, installing new parts, and a final clean and lube that will leave you asking, "Are you sure that's my bike?" This is for when your bike is vintage and a little beyond a tune-up.

  • E-bike Conversion

    While we don't carry kits themselves, we are quite happy to install them for you. We can do -and have done- front wheel, rear wheel, or mid-drive kits. Price starts at $100, depending on how complicated the installation is. We include a tune-up since we are changing many things about the bike.

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