Our Intake Policy

During the cycling season, we are open 7-6 Monday to Friday and 7-5 on Saturday.
We take in all the bikes for tune-ups for the week on Saturday starting at 7 am (NOT 5 am this year). That way, we can work on everything and get everyone's bikes back to them by the end of the following Friday.
It works pretty simply: The first few bikes will be returned on Saturday, the following group gets them back on Monday, the next group on Tuesday, and so on through the week. 
We call when they're done so you can come pick it up and hope that by the end of Friday, our shop will be empty before we can take in the next group of people's bikes on Saturday morning.
We are often full by 8:30 - even with 70-80 spots - so be early!  We will not be opening any earlier than 7; that will make it fair to everyone. The other thing that will make it fair for everyone is our new policy of only two bikes per family.  When you pick up your two bikes, you can drop off the next one.
Tires and tubes and wheel fixes we do at any time, provided you bring them off the bike.  This last is important because if you don't, we won't have room for the bike to store it while we fix your wheels up.  We'd love to help you but it does require your cooperation in this particular matter. 
We'd love to see you! 
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Now Open 7am-6pm Mon-Fri, 7-5 Sat.


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Full! Our next intake is June 26th.

Covid update: We ARE open! Masks required. 1 cyclist in shop at a time.