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Terms of Service


The Bicycle

(1) When the Customer brings their bike to Spoke & Sprocket (hereafter known as "the Shop") and the Shop begins repairs, the Shop has a possessory lien[1],[2] until the Customer pays for the repairs.

(2) If the bicycle is here for more than thirty (30) days after the Customer has been notified that it is ready for pick-up, the Shop reserves the right to charge a storage fee of up to ten dollars ($10) a week.

(3) If the bike is here sixty (60) days or more, the Shop reserves the right to dispose of the bicycle, whether it is to sell or donate. This will only be done after a 14-day notification period. You will be given notice of intent to sell/donate and have fourteen (14) days to pick it up.

(4) Spoke & Sprocket does have the expectation that the Customer  understands there is a system for completing the work.  That system is typically "first come, first served".


Once repairs have commenced, the Shop will call the Customer for two reasons:

  1. There is an issue that wasn’t seen in the check-in process and the Shop needs to make a more costly repair than anticipated; and

  2. The bicycle is completed.

(5) All methods of communication available (i.e. phone, text, and email) will be used to attempt to reach the Customer so that the bike may be returned. If the bicycle has not been picked up within a few days of the initial call, the Shop will call again to remind the Customer. (This is called "the nag" phone call. The Shop understands that the Customer has things happen in life that may set their bicycle temporarily out of their minds.)


The Database

(1) The Database is used to keep records of repairs. The Shop will take the Customer’s name, phone number, and bike details. These bits of information will be put into the Database.

(2) The Shop will never sell or share this information. 


[1] Part 1, 3(1)

[2] “Possessory lien” means the shop temporarily owns your bike but only while it's in the shop.

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