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We at Spoke & Sprocket are happy to offer the following services

Several bicycle tires

Tube and tire replacement

Done on the spot

If you have a flat, we will help you figure out why and resolve it.  (We do prefer that you bring in the wheel only, especially during the height of the season. Thank you!)


We do not patch tubes. Patches are typically unreliable and, generally, do not last very long. Patches are great to get you home on a ride; after that, you need a new tube. We have all sizes from 12"x1.75 to 29"x1.90-2.6, Schraeder and Presta. We have MTB hardpack tires to slim and slick road tires for your trainer. We can find you just about anything we don't have. All you have to do is ask, we are here for you.

bicycle components including drivetrain parts and brake calipers

Minor Repairs

Have a minor repair? Chain falling off? Brakes squealing? Cable stretch? Come on in or give us a call and we will get you moving again as quickly as possible.

Tidy Workshop with a road bike in the stand

Tune Up

A tune-up is a full, end-to-end exam and repair of your bike. A restoration is essentially the same thing but on bikes that have been sitting (or not tuned) for years. The session begins with a thorough cleaning and drivetrain lubing that will leave you asking, "Are you sure that's my bike?"


During the session, we will look at all your bearings, brakes, gears, cables, bottom bracket, cranks - essentially everything that makes your bike function - and return it to peak operating condition.

A series of wrenches for working on a bike

Wheel Repair

(Again, please bring in the wheel only. Thanks!)

If your wheel is giving you fits, bring it to Mike. Our services include fixing slightly-out-of-true to nearly-pringled rims - provided there is no structural damage such as a crack in the rim; replacing spokes; truing; hub repair or replacement; rim replacement (taking your hub and spokes and putting them on a new rim). If there's no structural damage, Mike can fix it. 

an ebike with plug and cord painted on pavement

E-Bike Service

We service all kinds from Costco's Ebgo brand to Pedego to Rad. Service for an e-bike is essentially the same as a tune-up for a traditional bike but with different technology. We also check your connections. We can swap parts when you need your parts replaced. 

We have repaired and assembled a number of brands of e-bike and are comfortable helping you out.

Rusty chain and sprocket


We do full-scale restorations in the off-season. A restoration requires removing all the parts to thoroughly clean the bike (rust and spiderweb removal, for instance), reconditioning as many parts as possible, etc.


​We start at a base price of $100, then we have to add parts, if any, on top of that. The $100 includes stripping the bike, thoroughly cleaning it, removing any rust, installing new parts, and a final clean and lube that will leave you asking, "Are you sure that's my bike?"


This is for when your bike is vintage and beyond a tune-up.

Basic Line drawing of the back half of an ebike

E-bike Conversion

While we don't carry kits themselves, we are quite happy to install them for you. We are also happy to help you select the right conversion kit for you.  Ordering one and need it installed? Have it shipped directly to us (after letting us know, of course). Once we receive it, we will call to ask for your bike.

We can do -and have done- front wheel, rear wheel, or mid-drive kits. Price starts at $100; final price depends on how complicated the installation is.  We include a tune-up since we are changing many things about the bike.

Because of the time it takes to do these conversions, we do prefer to do them in the off-season. 

60-Day Warranty

We understand that some repairs don't take and that cables stretch. To that end, we offer a 60-warranty. If anything goes wrong, outside of standard use, (like coming hard off a jump or running over a nail), we will fix it at no cost.

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