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Sensational Summer

Got Tubes?

We sure do. Broken ones. Lots of them! Which lead us to the question, "What can we do with them?" Well... You can: Strap (with zip ties) a couple layers to the bottom of your frame to protect it from rocks and roots going downhill.

Wrap one tightly around your chainstay to protect from chain slap. (again, zip ties!)

Take one that hasn't been cut to hold your garbage bag in the can. (put bag in can, fold bag ends over the top of can, wrap a tube around the overlap)

Cut one into thin strips, and use it to tie your peonies or tomato plants to their stakes.

Protect the base of a young tree from deer by wrapping tubes around the trunk. If you do it

sort of loosely, it'll grow into it for a few years.

Cut into small strips and use a couple to hold your bike computer on.

Cut one in half then cut small pieces off (so you're left with a circle) and use them to secure the loose ends of straps. Like on helmets or ratchet tie-down straps.

Cut one open and use it as a layer between metal straps and metal, or metal straps and anything, really.

Use a piece as a shim.

Wrap them around wrenches, hammers and screwdrivers. Use electrical tape to secure the ends (think like bar tape).

Crochet welcome mats for camping, shops, and dog baths. (Hey, I wonder if Micky would like baths better with a tube mat beneath her feet.)

Cut a piece and slide it over the ends of hoses to protect the fittings.

Double it up (by cutting two pieces of the same length and then sliding one into the other) and use the result as a CO2 cartridge insulator.

Cover the bars on a bike rack.

Last but not least: Use a tube to hold your front wheel still - snip it so it's a length of rubber "rope" then thread it through the wheel and around the down tube. Tie it into a knot. Bonus: Need to carry a tube but don't have a bag? Take a length of tube, zip tie it to the underside of your saddle and shove a spare tube in. These are the ideas we found or had. What are your ideas?

(The remainder of the post can be found here. Timing thing again)

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