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April Newsletter


Spring is here!

A posey of tulips

It sure doesn't seem that way today! Snow everywhere and freezing temperatures turning fingers into icicles. Terrible, really. This week does promise a rise in temperatures, but don't go changing your winter tires just yet; you never know what Mother Nature will bring us in April. Spring does mean that we are in full swing here, though, and I wanted to remind you all of our intake policy. I won't bore you with all the details here so if you want more, click on the button below. The short of it is that we take in bikes on Saturday morning, in a first-come, first-serve lineup we start processing at 7 am. Are you looking for a bike? Getting a new bike can take months, in these trying times of shipping and supply hassles. Indeed, one components company isn't able to put its 2022 stock on the market until 2023. So, we suggest you look at a used bike. If you're looking for one in the London/Middlesex County area, try FB Marketplace. If you are looking for something more than those offerings, try 519 Bicycles (also on FB, a group that must be joined); Pinkbike (mostly mountain bikes); Classic Steel Bikes; and Steel Vintage. There are places that have new bikes, of course; the big box stores have a bunch of them (like Canadian Tire. That is a sight, lemme tell ya). Just remember that it's a good idea to get a tune-up before riding a bike from the big box stores. Trek, ToWheels and First Cycleworks probably have bikes. If you're buying a new bike, don't forget you need a helmet, lights, and a bell. According to changes made to the Highway Traffic Act in 2015, cyclists will be fined $60 to $500 for not using a light and reflectors or reflective material. In 2015, the same Act raised the distracted driving fines to $300-$1000 cash plus three demerit points. Why am I telling you that? Because a driver or passenger who opens their car door in the path of a cyclist faces the same fine. As well, drivers are required to leave a three-meter distance around a cyclist, "where practicable." It is also a law that children under the age of 16 are to wear a helmet. It will cost you $80 if the police decide to charge you, the parent, because your child took off their helmet. It's not a law for adults but we at Spoke & Sprocket - who have suffered a myraid of concussions because of cycling and other events - strongly recommend it. You value your brain, your personality, and your memories. Don't risk it. Especially if you ride an ebike. We are thrilled that so many of you are wearing them and we hope we can encourage those who don't.  

MS Ride The MS Ride is finally back in person! We - Mike, myself, and potentially Zach, along with a few friends - will be riding (and fundraising) as a team. Donate. Join. You can find us by clicking on the button below. Ride with us on our Sunday rides. We are looking at getting team shirts, of course, and it promises to be a lot of fun. We'll be staying at the University Saturday night and partaking in the food and fun.  Donate. Join.

Swag! We are looking at creating hats - and maybe t-shirts - for ourselves and we are wondering if

you all would like them, too. We like the idea of wearing our shop logo, (a tandem because Mike & Jenn are partners in love and business. Sickly sweet, isn't it? ;) ), around town and at work. Please click the button below and take a (short, I promise) survey to let me know what you think. (survey that was here is gone now

That's it for us this month. We hope to see you on the pathways and in the shop looking after your bike. Favourite quote this month, (on the topic of bike parts): "Strong. Light. Cheap. Pick two." And who said it? Keith Bontrager of Bontrager bikes and bits and pieces.

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