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Fall & Winter Policy

From October 1st to March 1st, our intake is as follows:

For the month of October, we are accepting walk-ins at any time. We will cut it off when the shop is full then start all over again on Saturday, but we are not expecting anyone to be here bright and early on Saturday morning.  Have a problem?  Come on in. 

November 1st to December 20th, we are open by appointment only.  We are typically doing restorations, bike assemblies, e-bike conversions, and winter rider bikes at this point.  From the 20th until Christmas Eve, we are open only for pickups.

We are CLOSED Christmas Eve until February first. 

We are open by appointment only through February. 

We open again March 1st. 

Our Intake Policy
(in effect when the season is slower)

We are open 7-6 Monday to Wednesday and Friday and 7-5 on Thursday and Saturday during the cycling season.

When we are exceptionally busy, Intake Policy A is in effect. This is when we do Saturday morning intakes. 


Right now, the season is a little slow, so we are accepting bikes at any time.  We aim for a one week turn around but that truly depends on how busy we are. It may take two weeks to get your bike back, in which case, we do appreciate your patience. 

All this means is that you are welcome to bring your bike in any time unless the website says we are full.

If we are full, we will begin taking bikes again on the following Saturday.  We do not want to have you have to wait a month for your bike; we would much rather see you riding. 

We will call you when your bike is ready for pick up. This is so that you don't have to come in or call to see if your bike is finished. 

We do ask that you remove locks, bags and baskets before bringing your bike in, particularly if they cover cables, brakes, or the steerer tube. This is so that we have easy access to all parts of your bike. It also means that nothing of yours gets removed and forgotten about by us or you. If your wheels require a special tool to remove, please bring that tool.  While we do have most wrenches and allen keys for those types of locked axles there are a few that are manufacturer specific. 

Tires, tubes, and many small repairs can be done on the spot. It is easier (faster) for tube/tire changes and wheel repairs if you bring them off the bike. 

When you bring in your bike or wheel repair, we will go over it with you to see what needs done and give you an estimate of the cost. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Stat Holidays 2023

(rest days!  Aka "ride days!")


Monday, Feb 20th - Family Day

Friday, April 7th - Good Friday


Monday, May 22nd - Victoria Day


Monday, July 3rd - Canada Day


Monday, August 7th - Civic Holiday


Monday, September 4 - Labour Day


Monday, October 9 - Thanksgiving


We will be closed Dec 23rd to January 30th


We will be closed August 8th for Jenn's hip replacement. (and possibly the 9th so Mike can bring her home)


We will also be closed Saturday, July 29th for the MS Ride.  Join us! 

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